Memento is a social discovery app that allows you to share photos and videos with your friends. If you find something worth sharing with a friend, you can take a picture or video, write a small blurb about it, and drop it in that location for your friend to discover. Once you drop the Memento and select the friend that you want to receive it, the friend will be notified that a Memento was left for them. The only way to unlock the Memento is for the friend to go to the actual location and explore why this was a moment worth sharing.

For this project I worked in a team of two within a one week sprint. Our final deliverable was a set of high fidelity wireframes created in Adobe Illustrator. We took it to the next step and created clickable prototypes.



We wanted to design a social app that helped people discover new things within their cities. The app started off as a platform for discovering underground local art shows and events. However, we wanted it to be more personal and intimate. We played around with the idea of developing a scavenger hunt app, and once we combined the two, we came up with Memento! Next we passed the idea through seven filters that helped us determine if the app was worth building:

  1. Is it fun or useful? Yes by sharing locations, art, a sandwich, anything with your friends, you are building a stronger, more intimate relationship.
  2. Is it a mobile behavior? Yes, this app only works if you are moving and have geolocation enabled.
  3. Can we monetize it? Yes, you could charge for premium video features and advertisements for local restaurants and bars that are close to the Memento.
  4. Does it have a solid demographic? Yes, pretty much anyone that likes sharing things with their friends!
  5. Can it be iterated upon? Yes, our first thought would be implementing a messaging feature.
  6. Is it innovative? Yes, no one has pursued a solid social discovery/scavenger hunting application. Also, with the release of Hopscotch there is a lot of potential for collaboration or use of APIs.
  7. How will people share it? By nature it is socially sharable, but if you share a Memento on social media, you will unlock three free video Mementos.

After we determined it was an interesting app to dive deeper into, we moved to the next step within our design process.


Once we came up with the idea for Memento, we created a Persona to get a better understanding of who our ideal user was. This gave us great insight into the needs and goals of our user, and the findings informed our decision on the types of features and functionalities the app would have. 


Design Stories

Next we wrote up some design stories to inform what the user could do with the Memento application. There are many more actions that the user can take with the Memento app, but for the scope of this project, these are the main actions.

With Memento, the sender can:

  • Send a photo to a receiver
  • Send a video to a receiver
  • Write a short message to the receiver
  • Drop the Memento in a place for the receiver to find
  • Share the action of dropping a Memento on Twitter
  • Share the action of dropping a Memento on Facebook

With Memento, the receiver can:

  • View Mementos nearby
  • Hunt for a Memento
  • Open a Memento
  • Share the action of finding a Memento on Twitter
  • Share the action of finding a Memento on Facebook
  • Drop a Memento to another friend

Task Flow

Next we created some quick, high-level task flows to map out how the user would move through the app and the decisions that the user would have to make to get to their end goal. 


UI Sketches

The next step in the process involved sketching up some quick and dirty UI sketches. These sketches helped us determine the look and feel of the application. 



After some quick sketching, we jumped right into Adobe Illustrator and started creating higher fidelity wireframes. The flow below is from the senders side. Receivers side coming soon!



Once the wireframes were completed, we threw the wires into Invision, and created clickable prototypes to better articulate our idea for the app. Check them out below!

Next Steps

The next step would be to put this app in front of users and elicit feedback about whether this is an app they would use or not. If the feedback is positive, we will iterate on the app, and ship another version of it.