100 Sketches in Three Days

A little over a year ago was when I took my first step towards becoming a designer: I bought a book. The book was titled, "You Can Draw in 30 Days" and I loved it. I started off by drawing simple spheres, moving my way towards tulips, banners, and then hallways. Fancy. I loved this book because it made me feel like a creator, a designer! Little did I know that drawing well had little to do with being a great designer. What I did start to develop and cultivate over those 30 days, however, was something very minute and often overlooked: a new perspective. I learned to be critical of the nuances of the world - the slight shadows, the uneven corners, the terrible kerning. I was becoming a designer.

Fast forward to today, where I am on my way to becoming that great designer I always dreamed of. In order to refresh my perspective, I've decided to revisit that time in my life where drawing simply equaled design. Although my idea of design has drastically changed, I still acknowledge the benefits of viewing the world through a different lens.

Therefore, I decided to challenge myself to drawing 100 sketches in three days. Yup, three days. It was tough and although I didn't get to 100, the insights that I took from sketching reaffirmed my love for design. It reminded me that you can find beautiful design in everyday things and people. It also confirmed that your perspective, in life and in design, is everything

Here are my 10 favorite sketches. Enjoy!