Product Designer, UX

About Brenon Kalu

 Hiking the Ancascocha Trail in Peru. Summer 2016.

Hiking the Ancascocha Trail in Peru. Summer 2016.

Hey there!

I'm Brenon, a product designer based out of New York City. I'm an experienced designer with over three years of experience working with start-ups, agencies, and large corporations. My bread and butter is user experience and interaction design for web and SaaS products. I recently completed my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction & Design at UC Irvine and I'm looking to join a dedicated, diverse team, that aligns with my goal to improve the world by designing products that grant people access to information to improve their everyday decision making.

When I'm not designing products or digital experiences, you can find me hiking local trails, memorizing the lyrics to the latest hip-hop and r&b songs, shooting landscapes with my DSLR/iPhone combo, and immersing myself in different cuisines.